The Process

Lights up! works on a rental basis.

We bring everything-NO HASSLE!

First things first:

Figure out if our service is right for you and get all of your questions answered through a simple phone call or email!

We can provide a design for you or can follow your lead if you already know what you want.

Our proposals are completely free!
Get on the schedule:

Once your proposal reflects the design of your dreams, we put you on the schedule for your professional holiday lighting installation.

We will email you the day before your scheduled date with a reminder!
Sit back, relax!

On the day of your installation, our lighting crews will arrive at your home with ALL of the materials needed to completely prepare your home for the holidays. 

Our team is insured, professional, and very careful on roofs and ladders.

At the end of the season, after New Years Day, we begin to remove lights. Our removals are scheduled by neighborhood and are typically chosen for you. You are able to request to keep them up longer than proposed.
Trouble with your lights?
We don´t like it-
but weather and critters do happen!
Your rental fee includes a timely service of any burned out lights,
chewed up wires, or out of sync timers.
That´s right!
Our installation is under warranty!